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Entry #6


2009-05-30 18:41:48 by vippernob

And the lol goes on. I am thinking of signing a form with to find funny jokes, easily.
And I've stopped my Rick Rolling, got bored of it,
Anyways, I'm thinking of joining up with theblox to make animations with my vid's.
Here's one of his work on youtube, don't worry, it's not a rick roll!


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2009-07-18 13:33:57

hey roblox is not crap and its not for 6 years old
the ppl that are 6 or 8 years old just play but they dont make perfect maps they just use some models
do you think scripting is for 6 years old? i dont think so its hard to script on roblox
some scripts are easy so its not for 6 years old